Please tell us briefly about your professional life?
I’m currently working as Corporate Affairs Executive for Tongaat Hulett and have a long history in socio-economic development.
What made you accept the responsibility of being a SITFE Trustee?
I’m passionate about education and training; rural development and making meaningful contributions to the lives of the youth. 
How long have you been a SITFE Trustee?
I think, since 2012/13.
What do you hope to achieve during your tenure?
I hope that during my tenure, deserving youth from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are awarded SITFE bursaries.  It is my belief that the youth is our future and that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and unlocking their fullest potential. I also hope that during my tenure, SITFE would continue to invest in the lives of young children between the age of 0-5 years. Meaningful investment at this age can mean the difference between a successful future and one characterized by struggle. This is a time when the foundation for optimum health and growth are established in a child’s life. Through SITFE’s partnership with ECD organisations, we would be able to change the trajectory of every child we have supported for the better.
What is your take on the role of SITFE in society?
The role of SITFE is to partner with society in making a meaningful change in the sphere of education and training.  The other role of SITFE is to create an enabling environment and extending the benefits of development to the most vulnerable members of our society particularly children and the youth.