Please tell us briefly about your professional life?
An admitted attorney, Commercial mediator and strategist who has worked in multi stakeholder environments internationally, public and private sector. A leader and a explorer at heart with a passion for humanitarian work. Currently the Vice Chairperson of the South African Sugar Millers Association as well as a Board member of the Sugar Milling Research Institute, I hold an LLB and I am an attorney.
What made you accept the responsibility of being a SITFE Trustee?
Coming from humble beginnings I wanted to be a part of this legacy trust that provides much needed assistance to all that may need it, so that our youth can be empowered with not just with education but with opportunity .
How long have you been a SITFE Trustee?
2 years
What do you hope to achieve during your tenure?
Transformation, to become more visible into the 4IR world with a firm foundation for the future, to ensure the longevity of this Trust.
What is your take on the role of SITFE in society?
Essentially, education is the door to opportunity and any organisation that can assist in providing this will always be an asset to society.