Please tell us briefly about your professional life?
I am a farmer, not by profession but may be by default. Armed with a degree in Business Administration (BBA), it just made sense to apply an acquired skill of business administrating and management which I started in 2007 when I acquired a farm through Land Reform by the then, Land Affairs dept.
What made you accept the responsibility of being a SITFE Trustee?

I was nominated and honored by SAFDA, to represent our grower association in taking up a Trustee position in the Industry Bursary structure known as Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education. This attracted me since it presented a situation where we ensure that school leavers are given an opportunity of studying further to pursue their careers and not be deterred by an unfavorable financial situation at home…

How long have you been a SITFE Trustee?
I have been a Trustee since 2018 and I’m enjoying the enlightenment and exchange of ideas of where we are headed.
What do you hope to achieve during your tenure?
I would have done justice to the course to see an increase in the number of previously disadvantaged girl children starting and finishing their studies with a reduced number of drop outs.
What is your take on the role of SITFE in society?
SITFE provides an alternative to government education schemes, which sometimes leave behind the most deserving children especially within the industry. We re more intimate with most communities, and not all situations that are in desperate need to further their studies and cannot afford sometimes are not even aware of such tools to enable their desires.