Please tell us briefly about your professional life?
My professional life centers around the farming of sugarcane. The extension of my farming involvement is being in the sugarcane industry as a board member and a Vice-chairperson of the South African Canegrowers Association. But also I am involved in the leadership of communities in agriculture.
What made you accept the responsibility of being a SITFE Trustee?
I see this as an opportunity to add value in the lives of others, I see this as an opportunity to transform the lives of the less fortunate.
How long have you been a SITFE Trustee?
Since August 2021
What do you hope to achieve during your tenure?
My involvement in the SIFTE is to live a legacy that blends education with right values, so that SIFTE produces graduates that can identify with communities that raised them and importantly acknowledge SIFTE as an organization that gave them a platform to be what they have become. This would give rise to am idea of empowering citizens that go on to become responsible citizens.
What is your take on the role of SITFE in society?
SIFTE has taken a role in impacting lives through educational opportunities for young people.